Ready to skyrocket your business?

Are you a small or medium business looking for a way to expand to new markets and accelerate your growth?

Have you already tried Amazon or other platforms but are struggling to succeed, and you are lost in always changing rules, algorithms, increasing competition, taxes, and legislation?

Were you contacted by Amazon, listed your products via Vendor account but results didn’t come as expected?

Why choose Amazon as a gateway to new markets?

  • Amazon is the biggest B2C e-commerce marketplace in the world with 13.7 % global market share
  • Amazon is present in 9 out 10 biggest e-commerce markets in the world and is number one in 8 of them
  • Easiest, cheapest and fastest way to penetrate a new market even with an unknown brand

Why choose Amazon as a gateway to new markets?

  • Amazon is the biggest B2C e-commerce marketplace in the world with 13.7 % global market share
  • Amazon is present in 9 out 10 biggest e-commerce markets in the world and is number one in 8 of them
  • Easiest, cheapest and fastest way to penetrate a new market even with an unknown brand

International Expansion

In today’s world where one bad review can significantly impact your business or a new company can disrupt your niche in no time, diversification is more important than ever. Every healthy company is thinking about growing and expanding to new markets, but the question is usually can we afford it and how? We strongly believe that Amazon is the best way and, by far, the cheapest way to penetrate a new market, making it the perfect first step for small- and medium-size business on a new market. Even though Amazon is great way to enter the market, we know it is just the beginning, and the goal is to create a strong position with Amazon as just one of the selling channels.

Market niche research

First we will do the comprehensive market research to evaluate the market potential and competition so you can make an educated decision on which of your products are the best for the expansion and which are the best markets for you.

Tailored penetration strategy

Once we establish if the market is worth fighting for, we create the best penetration strategy for you.

Next steps

Even though Amazon is a major player in the e-commerce world, it’s definitely not the only one. Once you establish a strong position there, we will work with you on strategies and plans to extend your business outside of Amazon and to retail, as good sales and feedback from Amazon makes for a great selling point to retail companies.

Full Amazon Account Management

Are you like most small- and medium-business owners who are hustling all day, 60 and more hours a week, sitting on multiple chairs? Then this service is the best for you. Just give us your keys from your Amazon account and we will handle everything for you!

Free up your time

We will take care of your account as if it was ours, with daily checking of the account, sales, reviews, inventory levels, compliance issues, price adjustments…, everything. We will meet on a regular basis to discuss strategies and next steps and then you will get regular reports of the account performance.

Advertising Management

Except for the regular account maintenance, we will take care of the all-around advertising. Not just Amazon PPC but also outside of Amazon marketing, like social media ads and influencers management–all based on the strategy we create together.

Communication with customers in different languages

The more you will be selling, the more customers will be sending you messages with very strict SLAs from Amazon. Plus count in five different languages in Europe or other languages in Asia, it can get very complicated. But don’t worry. We got you covered here as well with our team of native speakers, who will make sure all messages are handled on time.

Customer review management

The good customer review management doesn’t start when you receive a bad review. It starts a lot earlier! First we will do the research on what the biggest customer pain points are, and we address them in several places before the customer even considers leaving a bad review. Then we will prepare tailored follow-up communication for each of the products, tackling possible customer objections, and increase the number of positive reviews. Reviews are not just one way of communication from customer to customer with the seller playing the passive role and hoping that the next review will be positive. If you handle it correctly, reviews can be a great way to communicate:

  • Great customer service
  • Emphasis on good things on the product
  • Can even turn 1-star reviews to 5 stars

Listing Optimization

The real art here is to optimize the listing for both the Amazon A9 algorithm to bring in traffic, and at the same time write the content in the most appealing way to convert the traffic into sales.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Good keywords are the cornerstone of all good listings. We gather keywords from tools and competition and mix them with your product’s benefits and features to deliver the best keyword-optimized listing for your product!

A9 Optimization

Even though Amazon algorithms are well-kept secrets, we are keeping on top of the changes by never-ending testing, buying data from specialized companies, and spending time and money on workshops and trainings in order to be always on the top of the game, making highly optimized listings, and catching new trends early to get ahead of the competition.

Conversion optimization

One thing is to optimize the listing for the “machine”; another is to persuade the traffic to actually convert. We make sure that the listing will stand out from the competition, communicating the most important benefits and features of your product so people will actually buy your product after we lead them to your listing, thanks to the A9 optimization.

Increase brand awareness

In today’s world, brand awareness is more important than ever, so we will make sure that your brand’s message is communicated consistently and aligned not only across Amazon but other marketplaces, your sites, and social media.

Product Launch

Are you planning to launch a new product on Amazon and not sure how to do it in most efficient way and succeed? Have you already tried launching a new product but failed? Then our comprehensive product launch service is suited for you!

Tailored strategy for your product

We will prepare the best strategy for your product and niche leveraging both on- and off-Amazon channels, making the biggest impact and fastest growth to the first page.

Data-Driven Plan

No more guesswork! We will leverage benchmarks and our experience and data gathered from years of selling ourselves and helping other companies sell on Amazon to bring you a data-driven plan that you can prepare your budget with and rely on.

PPC Management

Let’s be honest, PPC can be a nightmare as most sellers are overspending on the advertising, and many are not making any money and they don’t even know it! But rest assured, with our proven method that we tailor for each of our clients, we can take away one of the ever-changing concerns from your plate.

Find the best keywords

It’s not that hard to find the main keywords for your product and most sellers already know them but these kinds of keywords are used by all sellers so the competition and the price is sometimes just too high to make any profit. For this reason we also focus on very specific keywords, long term phrases and keywords for complementary products to leverage the maximum from PPC.

PPC Optimization

One of the first things we do is optimize PPC, as according to statistics, most sellers are overspending or not breaking even, many times without realizing it.

Tailored PPC strategy for you

We will prepare the long-term PPC strategy with some quick wins in the earlier stages but also with the aim to dominate the main keywords in the long-term, taking into consideration your target budget and goals.

PPC Management

We wish you could just set up PPC campaigns, let them run, forget about them, and cash in on a daily basis. Unfortunately it’s not this simple. You must keep your eye on changes in bids, competition changes, seasons and seasonality of the product, and of course, holidays, which in every country are a little bit different. As we know, it’s hard to manage all of this, especially with more products in your portfolio, thus we offer complete PPC management.

Content Creation

Let’s be honest, Amazon is the most competitive market out there so regular photos as used on most e-shops or local marketplaces are just not enough.

Comprehensive competition analysis

We believe that everything must be put into context, which especially applies to Amazon. One type of an image can be great for a certain niche, but it can be just okay or not stand out at all in another. This is the reason we always do competition analysis first, both top sellers and rising stars, along with target customer analysis so we will know how to create the best benefit-driven images in order to stand out from the current and future competition and sell more!

Create outstanding images & Infographics that sell!

All we will need are your original product images and we will do all adjustments needed, including infographics, image adjustments, Photoshopping, and more. If you are missing some product photos needed for the listing, we will give you detailed instructions on what is needed in order to dominate on Amazon.

Inputs for designers

You have your own graphic designer but you are not sure what kind of images you need? Don’t worry, we can give them detailed instructions on what is the best for the given niche and market, and you can prepare it in-house.

All-Around Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately in today’s world on Amazon, it’s not enough to advertise only on Amazon to be successful. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge while also leveraging other marketing channels still not used by the majority of Amazon sellers.

Amazon marketing strategy

Even though advertising only on Amazon is not enough, it certainly cannot be neglected, thus we will make sure that your PPC campaigns are optimized, coupons are well-used, lighting deals are leveraged, and you are not overspending on campaigns.

Social Media

Social media is a must in today’s world, but it’s also a pain for most entrepreneurs as it’s hard to choose the correct SM and strategy that actually pays off. In addition to this, you must dedicate time and effort to take care of the social media, which is hard with a backlog of tasks and new ideas on your table. Don’t worry, we can take one big task off your table and take care of your SM account(s).


Influencers can be a great source of traffic and brand promotion, but they can be also be a waste of money when you stumble across influencers with fake followers or overpriced fees. Did you know that on average, every dollar spent on influencers generates over $6.5 in revenue, but almost 25% of campaigns break even or end up in negative return? We will make sure that you are on the right side of the statistics!

Market Research

Not sure if your product will fly or in which market to start selling? No worries, we do in-depth market analysis focused on your niche, take the guesswork out of the equation, and make data-driven decisions.

Detailed competition analysis

With this analysis you will know how much your competition is selling, reviews, market shares, price tags, trends, and many more factors, all wrapped with advanced analytics around it that you will not find anywhere else.

Market potential

Raw numbers are one thing, but it’s quite another to read them correctly. We collect as much data as possible and present it in comprehensive but easy-to-read way where you will see exactly the pros and cons of the market, penetration potential, and our recommendations.

Review Analysis

In today’s world where one bad review could go viral and significantly impact your business, it is crucial to know customers’ opinions in order to offer the best pro-customer experience.

Analyze products which your are already selling

If you already have some products listed, it’s crucial to know what customers think about your product in order to continuously improve. If you don’t do it, then somebody else will.

Analyze competitors products

Launching a new product in a new niche? Then it’s crucial to know what customers value the most and to also identify the most things customers complain about. This will significantly help you prepare the best possible product for customers and prepare the listing in the most compelling way to customers. It’s also a very good source of keywords. After all, what could be a better keyword than the one used by the customers?

Great source of new ideas

Reviews are a great source of product ideas, complementary products, and product improvements. Do you see that customers are wishing for a product to have a certain feature? Or that it would come with some other complementary product? Then you have just found a gold mine. Improve your product or create a bundle and crush the competition!

Account Setup

Are you completely new to the Amazon world and don’t even have an account? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here as well. We will go step-by-step with you or create the account for you.

Amazon Compliant

First we must make sure that you have all proper documents and permissions required to sell on Amazon by both governments and Amazon regulations.

Brand Registration

If you are selling on Amazon and are considering expansion to other markets seriously, you must register your brand as soon as possible to not only leverage features available only for brands, but also account protection possibilities that come in hand with the Amazon Brand Registry.

Make sure your account is set up correctly

We will make sure that your account is set up correctly, no mistakes are made, and you have the best starting position to dominate your niche.

Founder and CEO of the Globexpand. Lukas studied International trade and business and then started his career as a management consultant helping big corporations increase their revenues and expand to new markets. Then what started as a side hustle selling a few products on Amazon turned into a full-time company. Seeing how a lot of great products are being outsold by cheap Chinese products just because they were not that much optimized, I have decided to start helping other companies, and this is how the idea of the Globexpand came to life.

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